Tips for Planning a Pre-school Graduation

Tips for Planning a Pre-school Graduation

There are few things as adorable as seeing little 4 and 5 year olds walking across a stage in miniature graduation outfits. Although it is a far cry from what most of us consider “graduation,” a pre-school graduation can be very important to these young children. If you are planning a pre-school graduation, you are going to want to make it special for the youngsters. The following are tips on how to plan a pre-school graduation.

First you will need to decide on the location. A lot of the times, pre-schools set up graduations within their campus or classroom. Sometimes pre-schools will have it at a park and combine it with a fun day of festivity for the children. If the pre-school is part of a larger organization that has an auditorium, such as at a temple or church, then they might have it in the auditorium. Yet others have it at different places. Where you choose to have it will depend on the size of the graduation, the facilities you have access to and the amount of money you have to spend on such an activity.

Next you will need to decide on a time. Some pre-schools choose to do it during the day when pre-school is normally in session. In that way you will have most of the children there, but a lot of the parents might not be able to attend because of work. Another option is to have it at night or on a weekend. With this, you are likely to get more parents, grandparents and friends, but potentially less students. In addition, you may need to pay the employees extra to attend an event beyond their normal hours. You will need to decide what is best for you, your students, the employees and the students’ families.

Once you have the graduation time and place set, you will want to get everything you need. If you have the money to spend or if you keep a stock of them, it is nice to have little caps and gowns. These are generally not too expensive (although you may need a lot of them) and you can use them year after year. If you cannot get a gown, then it is good to at least have a hat. You can actually even make the graduation hat as a craft beforehand, which is a fun and low-cost way to do it.

You will want to make little diplomas for each of the children. Fortunately, this is now very easy to do and very inexpensive using software from the Internet.

Plan where you will have all the children sit before you call them up and make a list of the kids to call up. You or someone will give them their diploma. You may want to plan to have someone there taking pictures as well. After the graduation you can plan to have a little party with whatever snacks and treats you want.